“Humility is the greatest of virtues…and if you can’t learn it, God will teach it to you by humiliation.” Frances Perkins  Character building is no easy task. Fighting against one’s flesh and predisposition to be selfish, self-glorifying, self-indulgent, prideful, arrogant, deceitful, and unforgiving is difficult on all accounts.


Honestly, some days I fail miserably. And then there are those days when I triumph in such a profoundly beautiful way. Character building is essentially a quest to have more days like the latter and fewer like the former. Character building became important to me at a very young age. I wanted more than my circumstances allowed at the time. Being raised by a single parent can be one of the most humbling experiences in life. I can remember my Mom telling me one Christmas that I had to choose only one gift that year because it was all she could afford. So I chose a stereo over a television because of my love for music. Somehow I understood that it was difficult for her to ask me to choose. As parents, we desire to give our children the best. And we often times feel ashamed when we do not have enough money to give abundantly. But I promise you that if you raise your children right, all they really want to do is make you proud. That experience taught me to appreciate what I had. I never had the luxury of feeling “entitled” to anything. Lack forced me to find joy beyond material things and abundance has brought about a deeper sense of humility because I know that His grace truly made the difference. If you are a parent with limited resources this holiday season, my prayer for you is that you will remember this post if/when your funds for shopping run low. I heard Bishop Jakes say something so profound, he said that, “It’s not what you leave to your children that matters, it’s what you leave in them that counts.” I am living proof that he is right. My Mom didn’t have much materially when I was growing up, but I learned humility by watching her example. She worked hard, gave back and she never took anything for granted.  #HumilityIsAVirtue  #EarleneBuggs  #EBsPinkNotes💗

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