Make room for love and make time for friendship…one of my most significant growth points in life was realizing that I would never find happiness in the past because it was gone. And that I couldn’t count on finding it in the future either because it is not promised. My only shot at obtaining and maintaining happiness was in this very moment. 

So I stopped focusing on what happened yesterday, because I can’t change it. And I stopped worrying so much about all of the things I was hoping for tomorrow because this could very well be my last day on this earth. My life took on a whole new meaning when I realized that all I really have is TODAY, this MOMENT, this BREATH, so I must make it count!

I find that so many of us get bogged down with the past or swept up into what we hope will be our future and completely loose sight of the greatest gift of all, THE PRESENT! 

Please don’t misunderstand me, you should always #DreamBIG, plan your work and work your plan. But don’t do so at the expense of loosing sight of what is most important in life!!! Not so long ago, I made a vow to myself to always invest and thrive in the moment…to say my “I love you’s” whenever it came to mind and to make time in my busy schedule to invest in friendship. Make no mistake about it, love and friendship are among the most important things in life. Those 2 things alone have added joy and happiness to my life in such a profound way. If you are blessed to have 1 or both, my prayer is that you will never take either of them for granted! Always remember…there is no time like the PRESENT!!! 💗EB

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