Women lie about allot of things. We lie about our age, size, weight, and number of sexual partners. We often pretend that we are fulfilled sexually when we are not. We avoid telling our girlfriends the truth about their appearance…that they need to update their hair-style, makeup and overall look. We seldom make the time to tell the people we love that they have wronged us, disappointed us or hurt us, yet we feel justified in carrying a grudge against them for years. The truth is that women in general have a difficult time understanding and communicating their truth for fear of hurting the people they love. Here are a few facts that I’ve learned about truth:

1. The truth is good enough.

2. The truth will set you free.

3. The truth holds you (and others) accountable. 

Learning to embrace my truth has been a long, difficult journey. But I can honestly say that once I made peace with the fact that my relationships DESERVED my truth, my life changed. Because prior to my revelation, I always held back because I didn’t feel my relationships could survive the truth and I didn’t want to hurt the people I loved. But then an angel said to me that truth doesn’t destroy relationships, the lack of truth does. And any relationship that couldn’t survive my truth wasn’t worth saving.

You will always have surface, meaningless relationships if you don’t commit to being honest with those who are close to you. Please don’t misunderstand my point, there is something to be said for delivery and timing, but when you love someone (and when they love you) you owe them the opportunity to know your truth. Let’s set a new standard in our relationships that includes being wholly honest with ourselves and others! I promise you that your life will change for the better when you grant yourself permission to share your truth, good, bad or indifferent! 

#NoMoreLIES #LetsBeHonest

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