TRUTH: The pill that everyone wants to prescribe for others, but are seldom willing to swallow themselves. Women love to shed light on the lies men tell but the truth is that we tell lies too! The business of truth works both ways, we have to be just as willing to “hear” the truth from others as we are to “speak” our truth to others. I can own up to the fact that I didn’t always receive truth from my loved ones in the past because I made it very difficult for them to be honest with me. Experience has taught me that I do not have editorial control over truth, I cannot change it at will because I don’t agree with or like what is spoken. We have to be careful of what we ask for at times because we only “think” we want truth when in fact, some truths are better left unknown. Some of us convince ourselves that we desire truth when we are not ready or prepared for the responsibilities that accompany knowledge and awareness. I was no exception to the rule.

Honestly speaking, there are certain realities that I wish I could unknow. This is the obvious risk associated with demanding truth. But I have no regrets because the hard truths in my life is what brought about change. My growth point here was learning to share truth with respect and consideration and receive truth with acceptance and love regardless of the circumstances.

So my advise to anyone who has a difficult time with the business of truth is simple: 

The next time you decide to call any man, woman or child on the carpet for lying, make certain that you hold yourself to the very same standard of truth!Always remember…being willing to speak the truth is only one part of the equation. We must also be willing (and prepared) to hear the truth without judgement, blame or defense.

My beloved @holtonbuggs warned me that this would be my least favorite post to date but I’m ok with it because I understand the fact that you can’t make a difference telling people only what they want to hear. Sometimes we have to make room for TRUTH! 💗EB

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