while it’s no secret that I am a fashionista at heart, I have ALWAYS been a great student! I am living my dreams because of all the valuable lessons I have learned along the way……… My mother taught me work ethic and respect for authority.

My father taught me to appreciate the finer things in life.

Mr. Turner, my freshman English professor, taught me that learning to write well would give me an unfair advantage.

My friends taught me that although I am strong enough to walk alone, life is better with company.

My bosses taught me that I’d never accomplish my dreams and goals working for someone else.

My creditors taught me not to buy things I couldn’t afford to impress people who weren’t going to help me pay my bills.

My son taught me that there is no greater love than a mother’s love for a child. 

And my husband, my mentor and my hero taught me that there are many sacrifices that must be made on the journey to success…it is not necessary to have all of the answers, you just have to have the courage to stand strong and be consistent when the quitters quit! 

I am allot of things, but I am most certainly more than just a pretty face! I am blessed to have a husband that loves me and works tirelessly to give me the world. However, I am extremely proud to say that I have never once stopped being a student!

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