“A man does not need a crown to be a King….He only needs the love & loyalty of a woman he can call his QUEEN.”

 EB’s Characteristics of a QUEEN:

1. She is female. She is strong, caring, compassionate, sensitive and kind.

3. She exercises integrity in all of her dealings.

2. She respects herself, demands respect from others and is confident in her abilities.

3. She is “Fit For A King” (ready/prepared) but understands that her QUEENship is NOT based on whether or not she has a King. A QUEEN is still a QUEEN with or without a King.

4. She knows and understands her worth.

5. She has beauty, style and grace.

6. She knows love, understands love, can receive love and is the source of love for her family.

7. She is 100% loyal to her beloved.

8. She compliments, completes and encourages her beloved.

9. She manages and makes a significant contribution to her KINGdom.

10. She maintains humility.

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