Who Am I?

This question is arguably the most important revelation of a person’s life. Your movements, actions and intentions are symbolically a conversation you have with the world about who you are. I have found this question to be dynamic in nature, it changes with age, exposure and experience. What I know for sure is that it … Continue Reading

Woman Law

What is Woman Law… An unspoken bond between women, a code of conduct for how we treat ourselves and for how we treat others.


“Girlfriend, you don’t want her man, her empire or her life…what you really want is her harvest!

Black and White Striped Dress

We live in a society where it is acceptable to choose fame over virtue and gossip over integrity.

White Night Shirt

“You become a more positive, peaceful, and harmonic person when you don’t react to people who use you as a mirror for their own self-hate”

4 Ladies in White T-shirt dress

Out with the old, in with the new…I put together a short list to help you identify a toxic friendship:

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“You’re on the gram holding money to your ear…there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here.” JayZ *


…that moment when you realize that none of it was random…the people who came into your life, those who left, the tears you cried,

Seven Ladies In Vegas

“Everybody looses when the family feuds.” JayZ This is a lesson I learned the absolute hard way.

Don’t Tear Down to Build

I have loved this beautiful man since I was 12 years old.  I have seen him at his absolute best, and