“Everybody looses when the family feuds.” JayZ

This is a lesson I learned the absolute hard way. I spent a number of years being naive about the power of cooperation and collaboration amongst women. I used to view other women as competition versus allies. And as a result, my effectiveness suffered. Here’s what I know for sure: a tribe of powerful women standing strong together can change the world. Point blank.

I use to think that the measure of a woman was determined by her beauty, intelligence and strength. Now I understand that the true measure of a woman is the value she brings to the people around her. It is not enough to obtain success for yourself only, you must make the people around you better. Leadership is all about ELEVATING others.

The world is screaming for change and the emergence of solid female leadership. The time has come for us to stop playing small with the bickering, competition, back-biting and foolishness that often characterizes female relationships. Enough is enough.

Always remember, real Queens crown other Queens. There is strength in numbers. If you want to test your value, ask yourself how many people would say they are better off because of your presence in their lives? The answers may surprise you but the numbers don’t lie❣ Note: each woman in this photo is a 6, 7 or 8-figure earner!!! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #CollaborationIsTheNewCompetition #QueensCrownQueens #EarleneBuggs #WomanLaw #TheYearoftheWoman #WiiNworldwide #Diamond #UTX2018

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