…that moment when you realize that none of it was random…the people who came into your life, those who left, the tears you cried, the lessons you learned, the challenges you overcame, the valleys you visited, the times you failed, all of your success, the person you chose to become, the people who doubted you, the ones who loved you and encouraged you, the ones who hated on you, the discouragement, the motivation, the inspiration, the love. It is so easy to take your life and experiences for granted. But when you realize that EVERYTHING has meaning, it is not difficult to understand why you must be grateful for it all. And whenever you find yourself in an environment that doesn’t provide a safe place for you to be yourself, chunk them your deuces and don’t ever look back. Thanks @lenaise_meyeil for the inspiration and thanks to @journeyofcmitchell for the fabulous photo

#PeaceOut #YouCanDoBetter #DontLookBack #ChooseFreedom

#EarleneBuggs #EBsPinkNotes

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