“You’re on the gram holding money to your ear…there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here.” JayZ * If you want to impress people, talk about those you’ve helped to become financially free, the leaders you’ve created, or the platform you’ve built to elevate others.  Share your dreams, goals and aspirations. *If you want to impress people, pay cash for your mother a fully furnished home and car and pay all of her living expenses so that in her later years she doesn’t have to worry about money the way she did when she had to work 2 & 3 jobs just to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table. *If you want to impress people, live debt free…at the very least, have more in cash/investments than you do in debt. *If you want to impress people, give anonymously so that the gift is the superstar, not you as the giver. *If you want to impress people, generate enough money from investments to support your lifestyle/living expenses. *If you want to impress people, create wealth for your family that will last for generations. *If you want to impress people, work on your marriage and create an atmosphere of love, loyalty and respect to set the right example for your children. *If you want to impress people, develop meaningful, authentic and loyal friendships that nurture your soul. *If you want to impress people, stop trying. Instead, make a commitment to your personal growth via books, audio and association so you’ll understand that those who have a healthy self-image don’t take pics with money to stunt for the gram.

Note: People who are worth impressing, don’t care about WHAT you have as much as they are interested in WHO you are. There is a BIG difference between having money and being wealthy. Those who will be impressed by a classless act of braggery won’t add any real value to your life. Always remember, only the insecure lead with vanity, money or things. Enjoy your blessings, be grateful for them, share them with those you love but understand that the most important things in life can’t be bought! #WOMANLAW #EarleneBuggs




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