“Girlfriend, you don’t want her man, her empire or her life…what you really want is her harvest! Here’s the funny thing about harvests, no one has a monopoly on them, they manifest for those who find fertile ground, plant the right seeds, water, fertilize, prune and protect against rodents/insects.

When you are given [or take] a harvest that you didn’t grow, chances are high that you don’t have the skills necessary to maintain it. Sooner or later, time makes the appropriate adjustments.” 💗EB

I was recently asked how I cope with having a high-profile husband who attracts allot of attention from other women? My answer was this: “I never worry about other women…worrying is for the insecure. Everybody wants a mogul until the work and sacrifice is due. I’m not offended by another woman “wanting” my man, he’s the perfect catch. But let’s be clear, I hold the only patent on this love story. I love him because of who he is, they just want his money!” This is an extremely touchy subject for most women because the vast majority of us are unwilling to admit that we covet the lives, material possessions and  relationships of others. It is a difficult truth to acknowledge. But when you realize that you really do have the power to create the life you want, you can shift your focus from coveting another woman’s blessings to finding fertile ground of your own.

Always remember, when you grow a harvest, you have an unfair advantage, you know the real deal, the good, the bad, the ugly. No one would have asked me this question back when my husband had a gold tooth, worked as a waiter and wore his suits 2 sizes too big.  Fortunately for me, I recognized fertile ground when there was nothing there but dirt. I sewed, watered, fertilized, sacrificed, pruned and protected. I have the life I earned. It is a waste of time to covet the blessings of others. The smarter play is learning how to recognize fertile ground and get busy growing your own harvest❣ #EarleneBuggs #Harvest #Truth #EBsPinkNotes💗

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