“You become a more positive, peaceful, and harmonic person when you don’t react to people who use you as a mirror
for their own self-hate”
…it’s not you they hate my love, they hate themselves, they just used you for target practice! Here is what I’ve learned: when you make a strong commitment to personal growth, you hear what is not said, you see what is not shown, and somehow you know for sure what they thought you would never be smart enough to figure out…that they are empty, insecure and petty. I pray that you will leave hateful people and painful situations in their rightful place, behind you. May you always have the presence of mind to allow the right people into your life and escort the wrong ones out. And no matter what happens… #DONTEVERLOOKBACK #WiiN #SistersByChoice #MirrorMirror #EarleneBuggs #EBsPinkNotes💗

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