We live in a society where it is acceptable to choose fame over virtue and gossip over integrity. We are trying so desperately to “look” successful versus doing the work necessary to actually become successful.  Here’s a thought: Just because you can repeat another person’s words, wear the same labels and drive the same car, doesn’t make you them. No matter how hard you try, YOU CANNOT FAKE AUTHENTICITY! It’s important to remember that being honest is not just about not lying…it’s more so about LIVING your words. When exactly did it become more important to sound profound and build a so called “brand” than it is to share from an honest place of experience❓🤔

You can say all of the right words in an eloquent manner, but they will be meaningless if your intentions aren’t right. A person doesn’t have to know you personally to be able to feel your energy and have a sense about who you are. Emotionally mature people connect to a real truth, not a well packaged lie.

It’s so sad to watch someone trying to save, motivate and inspire others – based on lies – when they can’t even save themselves by telling the truth! When you get clear about who you are and what you want, you won’t have to try so hard to be profound…it’ll happen naturally❣ #ijs #BeCarefulWhoYouListenTo

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