“We can’t be friends if you want my life…” ~Oprah

If you have someone in your life that spends their time copying (or attempting to copy) everything you do, is more attentive to who you are married to (or dating) than who they are married to (or dating), constantly compares their life to yours, remembers your mistakes/failures better than you do, is constantly trying to upstage you, and YOU are the BAR they have set in their lives…HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!! The truth is that this person(s) is far too preoccupied with beating YOU at BEING YOU to ever be a genuine friend. It’s a warped compliment in a sense because obviously this person thinks very highly of you. But please don’t ever get it twisted. Unfortunately, someone who possesses these characteristics is pretty useless as a friend. Their lack of self-esteem, pride, ungratefulness, jealousy and envy will never allow them to sincerely rejoice in your happiness or success. Do yourself a favor and find people who are starring in their own show so that they do not have to be the lead actress (actor) in your stage play. For many years, my relationships failed this test with flying colors. It took me decades to learn what true friendship looked and felt like. My relationships have finally passed this test and I’ve never been happier. Today, I can honestly say that every single friend I have is beautiful, driven, supportive, secure and accomplished in their own right and is not looking to trade places with me! #TimesHaveChanged  #Growth  #Progress #TakeTheTest  #FriendshipIsPriceless  #YourRelationshipsMatter #ChooseWisely #EarleneBuggs #EBsPinkNotes💗


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