I love him because…

1. When my Dad walked out of my life when I was 16, he became the man I needed to fill the void created by an absentee father

2. When I suffered from abandonment issues as a result, he made certain that I understood that my father’s exit was not an indication of my value/worth

3. When I wasn’t mature enough to understand my responsibilities as a wife, he was patient with me

4. When I didn’t believe in myself, he believe in me and my abilities

5. When I was ready to give up on us, our love and our dreams, he prayed for me and for “us”

6. When I didn’t understand how to support his BIG dreams, he dreamed anyway

7. When my dreams were small, he helped me to believe that I deserved the very best this life has to offer

8. When I experienced betrayal in friendships, he helped me to understand that I deserved better

9. When people hurt me, he taught me how to forgive

10. When I gained weight, he continued to shower me with compliments

11. When I was wrong (which is almost never😂), he corrected me with love

12. When I was unlovable, he loved me still

13. He kept his promises

There are several other things I could mention but I think I’ve made my point. His love and example made me want to be a better person, wife, mother, daughter and friend. How could I not love someone who has done so much to earn (& re-earn) my love and respect time and time again. Fellas, you stole her heart once, and I promise you that you have the ability to do it again! It’s her job to remember why she fell in love with you, but it’s your job to provide her with experiences worth remembering!!! Class dismissed… ❤️EB #ILoveHimBecause #Part2 #RemindHerWithYourActions #BeUnforgettable #Love #Marriage #EarleneBuggs #HoltonBuggs #aBuggsLife #EBsPinkNotes💗

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