I was recently asked this question by a young woman who is courageously growing into her womanhood. As you can imagine, I was caught off guard by her question because I have never been asked that before. I didn’t have an answer off-the cuff which was surprising because I am seldom at a loss for words. So I did the next best thing…I asked my husband what he thought sexy was. And you know my beloved came thru in the clutch! 😉

He gently explained to me that beauty is something you observe, but sexy is more emotional, it is something you feel. He went further to say that you don’t have to be pretty or beautiful to be sexy because they are not one in the same. Sexy is more of an attitude or disposition. Unlike beauty, which is mostly physical, sexy is intangible. 

After listening to his explanation, I finally came up with a definition of my own: sexy is a mannerism and is mostly about a person’s level of confidence. It is exemplified in a smile, a walk, or style of dress. But the most important aspect of sexy is that the people who possess it, don’t try so hard to display it. Sexy is not something you should have to slave for, it is who you are. I find it incredibly sexy when a person doesn’t take themselves to seriously, doesn’t particularly care about what other people think of them and can make me laugh. Where I’m from, we call that “SWAG.” I guess now you know what I love about my beloved. Always remember, your style of dress may be the way you express your inner sexy, but it will never “make” you sexy…only your disposition, sense of humor and killer smile can do that! 💗EB

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