What is sexy…? Part 2 

EB’s Top 20 sexiest qualities:

1. Confidence. The sexiest quality on the planet is the knowledge that you are good enough #AsIs.

2. Sense of Humor. Most people love a person who can joke around and laugh at their flaws.

3. Smile. There are few things sexier than a beautiful, sincere smile.

4. Keep it natural. Most people appreciate beauty that is natural and simplistic verses looks that are enhanced by too much make-up, surgery or injections. Enhancements should be moderate.

5. Take care of yourself. Sufficient sleep, quality grooming/hygiene, healthy diet and exercise.

6. Smell amazing. Invest in a perfume that suits you.

7. Talent. Being passionate about something you love to do is very sexy.

8. Ambition. It’s hard not to be attracted to someone with big dreams and goals.

9. Authenticity. Be yourself. Be REAL and down to earth. Pretentiousness is a huge turn-off but GENUINENESS is Interesting.

10. Hold back alittle. Less is more. The more you show/tell, the less sexy it is. 

11. Don’t take yourself to seriously. Let loose, live a little. Have fun.

12. Dress down sometimes. Having the courage to show people a relaxed version of yourself is sexy.

13. Avoid drama, cattiness and gossip. Mean-Girl syndrome is the least attractive quality to men and women alike.

14. High Standards. Honesty and integrity can be extremely intoxicating.

15. High heels are uber sexy.

16. Substance. Depth. Intelligence. Having more to offer than a pretty face or a nice body goes a long way.

17. Style. Individuality is both courageous and inviting.

18. Happiness. Happy people give love and light.

19. People skills/manners. Say thank-you and excuse me. Fellas, please open doors.

20. Lingerie. It is just as important for you to look inviting at home as it is for you to look your best when you go out. Your lounge wear should also be on point. No old t-shirts or baggy sweat pants allowed. 💗EB

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