As women, when we are young, we can’t wait to get older, and when we are older, we try so hard to stay young! This statement is a true testament that women are seldom satisfied…we always want what we don’t have!!! I am no exception to the rule. I have been lying about my age since I was 30 years old…and for what? I have been lying for so long that there were times that I honestly forgot how old I really was. LOL. The truth is that I have never felt more beautiful, more confident, more alive, more happy, more grateful, more free, or more fulfilled than I do at this very moment! I wouldn’t trade my experiences, both good and bad, for anything in this world. 

When I was younger, I spent so much time “wanting,” that there was very little time left over for gratitude. When I was thin, I wanted to be thinner, when my hair was short, I wanted long hair, when I was broke, I wanted riches, and when I was young, I wanted to be older. My point is simple… “wanting” is a beautiful thing in the since that it keeps you hungry for success and accomplishment! However, experience has taught me that it is a HUGE mistake to get so caught up in all of the things you don’t have to the point that you miss the blessing in being “grateful” for all of the things you do have!

I said all of that to say this:  I have a birthday coming up in a couple of days and I have decided to tell the truth about my age from this point forward! I’ll be 43 on January 20th…and the great news is that I am truly grateful for each passing year that brings more clarity and brings me closer to my definiteness of purpose which is “to positively impact the lives of over 100 million people, emotionally, spiritually and financially.” Cheers to all of my girls who understand that “growing” older is a blessing, not a curse! Have a FABULOUS Monday! 🙆🏽💖👑 

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