Ladies, when your Father is The King, a #Queenship is your birthright! The challenge is that we sometimes find it difficult to wear the crown when wearing it means that we have to set boundaries with those we love. We give to the point that we are emotionally, spiritually and financially bankrupt! Let me be the 1st to admit that I have not always understood my POWER as a women, nor did I embrace my QUEENSHIP. In the past, I was so willing to compromise my crown to keep people in my life who didn’t deserve to occupy that space. But times have changed! Today, I don’t take my crown off for NOBODY! If you are fortunate enough to occupy a front row seat in my life, you MUST pay full price! For those of you who have tossed your crown aside trying desperately to be all things to all people, this list is for you! The people who really love you, WANT and NEED you to wear your crown. What I know for sure is that in order to help others, you must first be able to help yourself. You CANNOT save anyone from drowning unless you know how to swim. This list will help you on your journey to living right. Dust your crown off, put it back on, and NEVER EVER take it off!


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