I have prayed 2 prayers every single day since I was 34 years old: “Lord help me love like you love and Lord keep me humble.” I’ve always strived to be the kind of person that was grateful regardless of my circumstances and honored the people who loved me, provided for me, encouraged me, or gave me an opportunity of any kind. 

Sometimes we can get so caught-up and bambozalled by the elusive facade that is social media and find ourselves coveting the lives and possessions of other people and we forget to be grateful for the many blessings in our own lives. We spend way to much time watching someone else’s Lambo, Rolls, or Bentley pass us by and we forget to be grateful for our Honda Accord. I learned real early in life that my next breathe was a gift so anything beyond that was a blessing. I’ve also learned that if you couldn’t be happy with alittle, a lot still won’t make you happy.

Within 60 days, my beloved and I will be moving into our 30,000 square foot dream home. It is a masterpiece on every level. But what is more important for you to know is that we were just as grateful for our 1 bedroom efficiency when we 1st got married. I think most people misunderstand what gratitude really is….you do not become more grateful with abundance. You are either grateful or you’re not. My prayer is that you will always choose gratitude and humility over entitlement and arrogance and that you will never allow yourself to be jealous or envious of what God saw fit to give another person. Always remember, material things will never fill the void created by an ungrateful heart! 💗EB #GratitudeIsEverything #SuccessPrinciples #PrideComesBeforeTheFall

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