I think it’s safe to say that most people want to win and don’t enjoy losing regardless of the circumstances. However, there is something to be said for the individual who understands that even the best of the best don’t win all the time. Sometimes the shots don’t fall, the passes aren’t caught and the punches don’t connect. Sometimes the prospects don’t show-up, the products don’t come on-time and your team members quit on you way to soon. But the GREATS learn that “losing” doesn’t make you a loser any more than “winning” makes you a winner! “HOW” you win and lose makes all the difference in the world! When you win with an arrogant or entitled attitude, people will resent your success, but when you lose with dignity and respect, people will root for you and cheer you on. 

My son plays basketball for his high school and just like most kids, he loves to win but hates losing. And his attitude has gotten the better of him on occasion. I told him that I would rather see him lose with dignity and respect for his teammates and coach, than win with a self-righteous or arrogant attitude. 

My family is filled with highly competitive individuals so please don’t mis-understand my point, winning is extremely important! It’s just not as important as maintaining a level of respect for yourself, your teammates and your supporters. Anyone can bask in the glow of winning, but it takes character and integrity to lose with dignity and grace. Winning is a process and an art form that includes losing on occasion. You set yourself apart from the rest when you own up to your mistakes, accept responsibility and commit to the process of growth and change. While it’s true that everybody loves a winner, no one respects a sore loser!!! Always remember, success is not for the faint at heart, you will win some and lose some! But a huge part of success is learning that the scoreboard doesn’t make you a winner…only your attitude can do that! #WinWithHumility #LoseWithDignity #LosingDoesntMakeYouALoser #WinningDoesntMakeYouAWinner

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