Celebrating friendship…just recently, I was in Milan, Italy for fashion week. And needless to say, it rained everyday! Ugh! 😒😒😒 If you are anything like me, you almost resent the rain when it interferes with your plans, especially on vacation. If I had it my way, there would be nuthin’ but blue skies all day everyday! So thank-God I’m not in control of the weather or we would all be in serious trouble!!! Because It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the rain is God’s way of making sure the flowers and trees keep growing and that all the pollen washes away. 

The weather, just like many of life’s valuable experiences, is far beyond our control for good reason. Most of us don’t have the foresight to understand the value of our valley until we are well beyond it. Friendship relationships are no different. My beloved and I have experienced heart-break and betrayal in the name of friendship more times than I care to admit. But when you are fortunate enough to connect with those individuals who share your values, principles and genuine love for others, you realize that the bad ones were a dress rehearsal for the real thing! 

There are beautiful, good and genuine people everywhere. Only experience and growth can help you recognize them when they show up! Don’t allow relationship challenges (of any kind) to trick you into believing that true friendship doesn’t exist. Just like the rain keeps everything growing, challenging relationships are God’s way of making sure you develop the right skills to handle the responsibilities of being a great friend, to the right person (or people) at the right time!

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