The truth is that people often resent beauty just as much as they are intrigued by it. Beauty is elusive in many ways…it takes depth and intelligence to see through it to the real person beneath. The presence of beauty quite often complicates relationships as well…it can be difficult to establish true friendship because the presence of beauty often brings about jealousy and envy in people. The danger is that if you make beauty the focus of your life, you attract people who do the same. And this my Love, is the recipe for disaster! 

It’s NEVER been just about LOOKS for me…it will always and forever be more about what’s on the inside of a person that resonates with me. Experience has taught me that the most important things are often beneath the surface. But It is always the one’s who are incapable of going deep who make the mistake of underestimating the value of depth! Character is making the commitment to go DEEP when it is so much easier to go WIDE! Width is temporary, but depth is sustainable! 💗EB

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